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Friday, December 16, 2005

First Ultrasound

Here are some pictures from our first ultrasound! This was so exciting because not only was it the first time we saw the baby, but it was the first time we heard the heartbeat (155 beats per minute). This ultrasound is pretty short, only about 10 minutes, but we got some great pictures.
Here in the first one you can see the baby's profile. Emil and I both love this picture!!

The baby flipped during the ultrasound. Here it is face down.

In this shot you can see the baby's little hand at the bottom of the picture. During the ultrasound we saw the baby wave hello to us. That was one of our favorite moments.

This is a closer shot of the baby's profile. This is my favorite one!! FYI..some baby features such as the nose develop much faster than other parts, so everything in this picture tells us things are going well!