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Friday, September 22, 2006

You are number 70981...

...this is the message we received two days ago in response to the letter that grandfather Mike sent to put Kathryn on the waiting list for 4 season tickets to the Green Bay Packers. Hopefully this will be a good retirement gift for her. Their web page says 57,000 names are on the list and the average wait time is 30 years, but with over 70,000 on the list it could take a little longer.

Monday, September 18, 2006

More Kathryn pictures

There are more pictures now on Shutterfly, covering:
We have another couple videos coming to a computer screen near you sometime very soon...

What a wedding!

Tons and tons of pictures and videos await! The family was in Chicago for 18 days to help plan and prepare for Kelly's sister's wedding. Well, the wedding was just fantastic, and there are lots of pictures and several videos of:

Lyrics to 'Love Love Baby':

They were in Jamaica for swimming and for fun
Karyn with her fam, and Amanda in the sun
Something grabbed her and Nick tightly
And they became an item on the bar scene nightly
Will it ever stop Yo - don't think so!
Now they're in Chicago and that I know
To the extreme their love they can handle
They light up the stage and today they lit the candle!

Nick moved to Chicago even though its cold
he promised to love Karyn until they're old
They work together doing the graphics thing
Last July Nick proposed downtown at the bean.

Love it or leave it Nick had to like flags
He built a wagon to carry the bags
If there was a problem - Yo Nick will solve it!
Check out his hair after the girls mohawked it!

Love Love Baby, Forever Love Love Baby