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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Grammy L & The Pumpkin Patch

Grammy Lerch came for her first visit with Kathryn last week! They had a great time playing together with Kathryn's toys including the pink puppy and the little monkey. Grammy also read Kathryn 'Fox in Sox', which she very much enjoyed.

Unfortunately while Grammy was here Kathryn started to have odd night wakings where she required additional burping and was spitting up. Back to the pediatrician we went, where she was diagnosed with acid reflux. Kathryn is now taking Zantac, and so far things have been great!

Our best outing with Grammy was to the pumpkin patch! Kathryn pet her first horse, and saw a donkey! Not to mention all the pumpkins. We got lucky with a beautiful (albeit windy) day. There are some great pictures - so please do check them out!

3 Months!

Kathryn is now 3 months old! It has gone by so fast. All of her 0-3 clothes are now put away.
:-( But we are now in tons of new 3-6 month outfits! Including her super-cute apple outfit. Check out her latest pics.

In the last month Kathryn did get a cold, even in her eyes (very goopy), and that was no fun. I was sick at the same time with a fever. Emil had his hands full taking care of his girls. The Lerch household was definetly under the weather for about a week, explaining the lack of photos and blogging.

Kathryn now bats at objects, and even grabs some of her rattles and toys. She is smiling and cooing even more now. She has laughed, but just a handful of times. Very cute!

On the social scene Kathryn has been going to weekly playgroups and mom's group. She now notices the other babies and had a conversation with her friend Lucia.