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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Massive Kathryn update

Sorry about the large amount of video and pictures, but Kathryn has just been getting cuter and cuter! The last couple weeks have been very busy. She had her second series of immunization shots (for the same things as her first series) on October 25th, which she took very well. She spent some time on that day interviewing for a day care provider and settled on Heidi, an in home provider. Also on the 25th, she decided to hang out in a pumpkin!

She celebrated her 4 month birthday in style, and had fun on Halloween dressing up as a bunny and going into work with Kelly. On 11/1, Kelly restarted work on a part time basis and Kathryn met all her new friends at day care. So far she seems to love them and they love her!

So, the new photos, all 111 of them, can be found on the new shutterfly album.

There are also a bunch of new videos added to YouTube. They are: