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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Wow - what a November!

The last month has just flown by! Mostly becuase it has been so fun! Emil and I have loved this age. I've been back at work 3 days a week and Kathryn has been going to daycare. She still seems to love the other older children!

This month Kathryn got to see her Grandma and Grandpa Sloan and Grammy and Great Grammy Lerch! In addition, she met her uncles and cousin on the Gehman side over Thanksgiving. Very fun!

As far as Milestones, this month Kathryn learned how to roll over from back to stomach. She does this several times a day now, generally preferring her stomach to her back. Just today she did it during her nap! We also started her on rice cereal. She has taken to it really well and is now *very* interested in food in general. While we don't know exactly how much she weighs our estimates put her about 15 pounds and 25 inches long!

Probably the most thing is that Kathryn really laughes now. She is getting more and more into peekaboo, and will definetly giggle if you give her tummy a gentle buzzing.

We have uploaded quite a few pictures and many , many, many, videos - so please be sure to check those out.


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