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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Time flies, and we can't believe Kathryn is already 9 months old!

She now has two teeth, both on the bottom (February 10th and March 27th). We aren't sure if it's the teeth or not, but Kathryn is definitely a drooler. She wears bibs most of the time now or else we need to do an outfit change.

Probably the biggest change is just how *big* Kathryn has grown. Today at her check-up we learned she is 19lbs and 29 inches long. Thus she's in the 50% for weight and 75% for height.

We are well on our way with solid foods. I think Kathryn has had almost every type of size 2 food Gerber makes. She has also recently mastered picking up small pieces of food (like Cheerios) and feeding herself. She's been a pro-bottle holder for several weeks now, which has been really helpful!

Kathryn still doesn't crawl, but we keep thinking it could be any day! She can get from a sitting position down on her tummy, and even pushes up on her hands, but alas, she only makes backwards progress - which she isn't too happy about! While she hasn't mastered crawling, she has been swimming! She completed her first Baby & Me swim class and by the end was really loving splashing, riding the kickboard, and floating in her own life vest.

Always a social one Kathryn loves going to playgroup and seems to enjoy daycare. However, since many of her friends are crawling she has learned that they can quickly take her toys away. So she's developed an interesting skill to keep her toys - she hides them behind her back! It's pretty cute. When she's not hiding the toys she's banging them together. She especially likes measuring cups.

Kathryn's a pretty vocal kid. She does lots of talking, especially when she's tired. She also just yells sometimes for fun - which is *not* fun for Mom and Dad. When she's excited she will flap her arms up and down and if she's really excited she gets her legs kicking as well! She's got a great laugh. Check out this video of her laughing.

The weather in Oregon has been really nice the past few weeks. Spring is here and the flowers are blooming! With the nice weather we've been heading to the park most days after work. Kathryn enjoys looking at the ducks and loves going on the swing!

We are looking forward to our upcoming Mexico trip! Kathryn has already requested a sombrero.

Pictures from February and March are available, so if you haven't yet checked them out, take a look!

New Videos we've added (we've been busy, so some are a bit older):


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