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Sunday, December 23, 2007

More pictures of Jack

Photos from the Hospital

First set of new Shutterfly pictures: http://jackemil.shutterfly.com/action/pictures?a=67b0de21b358b22f2582

Jack's new Shutterfly site: http://jackemil.shutterfly.com

An update on our progress:
Kelly pushed for all of 16 minutes. Half of that was spent waiting for the Dr to arrive! We were discharged 30 hours after arriving. This was an induced labor...with Kelly at 6-7cm for 2 weeks the Dr. was worried we wouldn't make it to the hospital. We think it was the right call.

After we got home, though, things did not go so smoothly. Saturday morning Emil jumped in the car as early as possible and went to urgent care because a persistent sore throat. They thought it was a cold, but ran a test for strep throat just to be sure. Ten minutes later, the doctor comes into the room with a prescription in hand for Amoxocillin and says not to go anywhere near the kids for 48 hours...I had strep throat.

Kelly called the pediatrician to find out what to do, and the pediatrician counteracts the instructions a bit. It turns out the real problem with strep in kids is the possibility of rheumatic fever, and they don't get that until age 3, so they should be safe should they get the bacteria. Of course, it still wouldn't be fun, so stay very, very clean for the next 24 hours.

Well, Kelly and her mom have also been feeling miserable, and Kathryn has had a cold for what seems like forever, so Saturday was spent taking everyone except Jack to the doctor. Bottom line is that Kelly has a cold, Kelly's mom and Emil both have strep throat, and Kathryn has a cold but it's triggered an ear infection. Three out of the 5 of us are now taking Amoxocillin. Kelly's mom and I are both feeling a *TON* better, although she has something else on top of the strep, so I'm feeling the best right now. Kelly should be over her cold soon, although she still thinks there's a possibility of her having strep (and she does have some symptoms which could point to cold or strep, and they only did the fast anitbody test at urgent care...they don't do the slower test). Jack still seems fine, and Kathryn has always seemed normal, just a very drippy nose and a cough, but I'm sure she's on the mend too.

What a weekend! We've been using this alcohol-based hand sanitizer before touching Kathryn or Jack or handling anything that might make it to their mouths.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baby Lerch is here!!!

It's a BOY!!!

John Emil Lerch born 11:36AM December 20, 2007

19.75" long

We will be calling him Jack.

Everyone is doing great!