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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wow it's time for an update!

So to say it's been a while since the Lerch family has posted to the blog is an understatement. In our defense though having two kids under the age of two (which was the case until recently) is just a bit on the busy side. :-)

Kathryn is currently 2 years and 1 month old! She had a great little pool party to celebrate her birthday on June 28th. Her friends Zach, Maren, and Megan were in attendance and we all ate the cake I made. This was very low key and lots of fun!

Kathryn weighs 28 lbs 10 oz and is 2 feet 10 inches high. This puts her in about the 50% for both weight and height. To quote the doctor "it's so average it's not even worth talking about."

Kathryn knows *tons* of words now and is into parroting things folks say. A common stream of words heard is "Daddy...work...car...money...food". This means "Daddy is at work and he took the car. He is working to make money to buy food." She says this every weekday morning. Kathryn isn't speaking in full sentences yet, but that is likely just around the corner.

Without a doubt her favorite thing is to go to the park. She loves to swing and slide down the slide. She also really likes planes - pointing them out as they fly overhead and saying "bye, bye plane." She also often speaks of the beach and the waves. She learned aboout these in Hawaii in June. She tells them to "come on" and wash over her. Her favorite toy is her baby doll. She pushes it in the stroller, feeds it in Jack's swing, and rocks it in the cradle. "Baby" provides lots of entertainment. :-) Mom and Dad love Baby.

Probably the most fun thing about Kathryn is her big crazy laugh. She gets so excited about things - espeically all things with water - she just laughes and laughes. She turns heads with her excitement!

As for Jack - he's gigantic!! Jack is now 7 months old. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 20 lbs and was 29.5" long. This puts him the 90% for weight and the 97% for height. He's a big boy! Jack just had a big weekend recently. On July 12th he got his two bottom teeth and officially mastered sitting up!

Jack is a really easy going wonderful baby. He's always been a great sleeper - yet he still doesn't make it through the night consistenly like his sister did at this age. He currently goes down arouond 7:00 PM and wakes for a 3:30 AM feeding. When Jack does wake up...wow...you'll know it because he has some lungs on him! However, most of the time he is just a super smiley easy going baby.

It should be noted that of course Jack has presented us with some challenges over the last 7 months. When he was very little he liked to be swaddled *tight* or else he would hit himself in the head with his left hand and wake up (queue screaming). Jack also likes to eat. He decided that breastfeeding was to slow for him so at 4 months, on a plane flight to Chicago, he threw in the towel. (Luckily I did have a backup bottle and formula with me as I feared this could happen.) I'm serious about the towel throwing...his favorite item in the world is a blue and white burb cloth that he snuggles with every night. Any piece of fabric will work for him, but the cloth is his favorite.

So a common question I hear is how are Kathryn and Jack doing together? Overall I would say great. Kathryn does have her jealous moments. For some reason when I change Jack's diaper she can get upset. But in general Kathryn loves her "Jacky". Sometimes, a bit too much, as she also enjoys trying to give him the bottle, put the pacifier in his mouth, and nuzzle him. "Gentle, Kathryn" is heard a lot in the Lerch home.

In general I would say March was one of the hardest months for our family. Jack was still very little, Emil had started a new job, my parents had returned to Chicago after months of much appreciated help, and Kathryn hit a real defiant streak. Since then things have only gotten better. I think we are on easy street at the moment actually as the kids have the same afternoon nap time (2 hours!) and now that Jack can sit up but can't go anywhere!

I have returned to work after a 7 month leave. This transition has been made much easier due to our nanny! She is wonderful!

There are tons of pics to check out! We consolidated our pictures at http://thelerchs.shutterfly.com

Also, videos on YouTube are up to date as of February. We'll be posting more videos shortly!