Holy videos, batman!

Ok - so we’ve been really slow in getting videos on the web. Needless to say, things are pretty crazy with two little ones, and Kelly is now back at work - yikes! I got some time a little while ago, so I’ve posted several months worth of videos (50+ total!). I won’t bother to describe them all, but they are up on our youtube channel for your enjoyment. The first video is “Kathryn and Megan Play” (from back in March!

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Wow it's time for an update!

So to say it’s been a while since the Lerch family has posted to the blog is an understatement. In our defense though having two kids under the age of two (which was the case until recently) is just a bit on the busy side. :-) Kathryn is currently 2 years and 1 month old! She had a great little pool party to celebrate her birthday on June 28th. Her friends Zach, Maren, and Megan were in attendance and we all ate the cake I made.

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More pictures of Jack

Photos from the Hospital First set of new Shutterfly pictures: http://jackemil.shutterfly.com/action/pictures?a=67b0de21b358b22f2582 Jack’s new Shutterfly site: http://jackemil.shutterfly.com An update on our progress: Kelly pushed for all of 16 minutes. Half of that was spent waiting for the Dr to arrive! We were discharged 30 hours after arriving. This was an induced labor…with Kelly at 6-7cm for 2 weeks the Dr. was worried we wouldn’t make it to the hospital. We think it was the right call.

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Baby Lerch is here!!!

It’s a BOY!!! John Emil Lerch born 11:36AM December 20, 2007 19.75" long 9lbs APGAR 9-9 We will be calling him Jack. Everyone is doing great

Baby #2 Game!

Well, we are getting into the final countdown for Baby Lerch #2! Emil and I are both excited and still in a state of disbelief/denial that there are going to be two babies to care for now. What a big job - yikes! Emil has decided to run the stats game again - so please do visit our website at http://www.lerch.org/baby and input your guesses for gender/weight/length and date of birth.

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Even more pictures/videos

In the last update, I missed a few items: Pictures and videos from our friend Paul, including a potato salad adventure that Karyn should enjoy Professional pictures from just after her first birthday, taken at Portrait Innovations. Enjoy!

New pictures and videos now posted

Kathryn is now standing on her own, and on August 13th, she decided to start walking on her own. She usually does just a few steps on her own right now, but any day she’ll be running around like crazy. With any luck, she’ll be running through the fountain near our house before the summer ends. I’ve just uploaded a ton of pictures and videos at kathrynmarie.shutterfly.com and youtube.com/lerchfamily. Here’s a brief summary:

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Oh My - Another One!

It’s been a long time since our last post, and we have some exciting news to share! We are expecting our second baby! The approximate due date is December 17th, which puts me at about 20 weeks right now. In fact Emil and I have our ultrasound this upcoming Friday, but are still on fence as to if we find out the gender or not. (Ok, *I’m* on the fence, Emil definitely wants to know.

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Mexico vacation

The family had a great time in Mexico celebrating Kelly’s mom’s retirement! We spent the week in Casa Manana in Bucerias, about 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. Emil, Kathryn, Kelly’s parents, sister, and brother-in-law were all there. On Tuesday, Mike, Emil, and Nick went fishing, and Emil and Nick caught some huge Roosterfish. Emil’s broke the Mexican Roosterfish record and was 63" long and 96lbs, while Nick’s was 54" long and 83lbs.

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Happy Easter!

Time flies, and we can’t believe Kathryn is already 9 months old! She now has two teeth, both on the bottom (February 10th and March 27th). We aren’t sure if it’s the teeth or not, but Kathryn is definitely a drooler. She wears bibs most of the time now or else we need to do an outfit change. Probably the biggest change is just how *big* Kathryn has grown. Today at her check-up we learned she is 19lbs and 29 inches long.

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